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We Blog Together

Posted by andyman03 on 2006.07.04 at 04:16
I figured this is the type of project that would appeal to the Cal Blather community.

I went and created a blog, We Blog Together, that anyone can post to. There is an e-mail address on the front page, and anything and everything sent to that e-mail address by anyone gets posted to the blog. The blog is here, and the e-mail address to post to the site is andydr.weblogtogether@blogger.comm [I used an extra m in the e-mail address to try to fool e-mail harvesters because I don't want any spam appearing on the site. Use only one m in .com]

I would love it if any of you would consider writing something for the site. A list of suggestions for posts are here, and more detailed instructions on how to post are here. You're welcome to watch the blog in the coming weeks to see what might develop. Thanks!

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