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No posts in a while. :(

Posted by dj_morata on 2005.09.23 at 14:40
Is there such a thing as true love? Discuss.

Posted by sorbix on 2005.09.10 at 02:20
this is inspired by posts in the ucberkeley community.

im curious what everyone thinks about grammer.  is it really that important?  why are we conditioned to follow these strict rules of language?

my view is that its the message not the method of delivery.  proper grammer is a show of respect in a way, but isnt it a little odd that people go out of their way to criticize someone for how they speak, and that we are forced to learn a certain standard of communication? 

for the record ive never had an english teacher who could give me a satisfactory answer to why proper grammer is important enough to warrant all our years of schooling.

but im interested to hear what the cal community has to say about it, since im sure many of you have extensive knowledge in this area.


To dance, to dance!

Posted by littlelemming3 on 2005.09.06 at 02:40
So I'm taking Low Intermediate ballet (anyone else? *waves*), and the teacher said there's a place on College Ave that sells ballet slippers. Well, I walked all the way down to the Safeway yesterday and I didn't find it.

Anyone know where this dance store is? Did I have to go further than Safeway? Is there any other place nearby that I can go? I really need some shoes by Wednesday.

Thanks. : )


Posted by orangefriendly on 2005.08.22 at 14:35
I just moved to Berkeley and I must say that I completely love it here!!! <3 <3 <3

Posted by youthinazia on 2005.08.18 at 12:42
has anyone else noticed that you can't see the text on the calblather lj page?

and cause i love linking random articles...

If a group of US researchers have their way, lions, cheetahs, elephants and camels could soon roam parts of North America, Nature magazine reports.


Posted by orangefriendly on 2005.08.17 at 17:12
Does anyone else think this calblather thing is semi-dead? I mean, the other community has a few douches but something's always happenin'.

I think I've just become an LJ addict, that's all. I'll probably get over these feelings.

UC and stuff

Posted by orangefriendly on 2005.08.16 at 15:15
I'm moving to Berkeley friday. Into a room in a house near Ashby/Telegraph. I've decided I must infiltrate the dorms every once in a while to discover who owns a hookah. Then I'm gonna smoke it. And I'm gonna smoke it good. Are ye with me?!?!

just wanted to show...

Posted by youthinazia on 2005.08.13 at 12:29

An international research team has proposed new techniques that may lead to the mass production of meat reared not on the farm, but in the laboratory..

oh man, as much as i thought this would be the eventual future...it is just so weird! and if we're going to be growing meat in our labs...then it'll just be a matter of time before they're GMOed and oh man the ruckus that would stir up

i wonder if vegans will eat this...


help the birdies

Posted by slestialrazbery on 2005.08.11 at 19:12
Write an email by the end of tomorrow to help save birdies from being chopped up by poorly placed Altamont windmillsCollapse )


Jesus is abercrombie on crack? =P

Posted by heyheysteevay on 2005.08.09 at 19:35
(said in a half serious half mocking half sarcastic tone)

Excerpt from blog:
"Diversity is Who We Are" is the theme of the fall recruiting campaign by Abercrombie & Fitch. The Aryan-obsessed retailer has been under considerable fire for its hiring practices, lack of diversity behind the scenes and, most of all, the blond and blue veneer applied across much of its marketing. As part of a wide-reaching settlement, the retailer is required to run these messages on its website and selected print media.

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