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Posted by chaos_gaia on 2006.05.10 at 20:43
Hi everyone,

So I just got into Berkeley and UCLA. I am transfer student (JR.) and have until June 1 to decide where I want to go. I didn’t think that I could actually get into Berkeley so I have added stress in my life right now.

My gut is telling me to go to UCLA because it will be close to home (I live in South OC) and because my little brother is going to go there and I feel like I need to be close enough to look out for him (I know that’s crazy.. but he went through a pretty insane health scare and I feel somewhat obligated) - but on the other hand I keep hearing all this stuff about how prestigious Berkeley is… how important that is for grad school I just don’t know.

I come from a pretty strict Iranian family and I guess that I've lived somewhat of a sheltered life. Is Berkeley going to be an absolute culture shock for me?

If I go to Berkeley I plan on living off campus in my own apartment with 2 other friends from down here.

Both schools have offered me around $14,000 in grants and another $10,000 in loans.

But I am utterly confused.

Please please tell me the negatives and positives of both schools. I plan on double majoring in History (with an emphasis on middle eastern studies) and either International Studies/Global Studies or Economics. How hard is it to double major?

Thank you


Alex P.
wetzel at 2006-05-11 03:44 (UTC) (Link)
i think everyone in calblather is in the ucberkeley community. please don't crosspost.
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