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professor Bishop

Posted by dieferrie on 2010.05.06 at 11:48
I know that professor Bishop had a stroke, but does anyone know if he'll still be teaching English at Cal? Does anyone know anything about how his recovery is looking?

Course reviews

Posted by ursafelix on 2008.08.13 at 12:34
Hello out there,

I'm an incoming grad student and I'd like to know if there's a directory of student course reviews. I'm particularly interested in reviews for engineering courses.

Any ideas?



Posted by autumncheshcat on 2008.05.14 at 21:52
For anyone over here for anoncon, due to issues with modding, it has been moved over to ucb_anoncon. The post is still here, but has been friendslocked to prevent further anonymous commenting. The community has open membership, so join to read it!

I am returning to UC after a Reed College escapade and will be studying Cognition and Politics. As anyone who's ever found themselves at Reed College, I am a nerd, not the stubborn fashionable kind, but a real nerd. I'm 21 and I'm a dude, though not very manly.
I arrive in the middle of June for classes starting on the 23rd and I potentially could crash around with some people if you don't have space until later. I'm going to stay at Berkeley through the Fall, but it's ok if I have to move somewhere else at the end of the summer. I only know a few people in who actually live in Berkeley and I don't necessarily want to live with them, so I'm *resorting* to craigslist. I just want to find somewhere with incredibly decent people who start things and know things, and who I can have real conversations (you know, "rational" ones) with.

I guess my personality is peaceful-ish (I feel overstimulated pretty often and think peace a fundamental necessity before anything can get done), but I also love Science and deliberately bringing up contradictory viewpoints (including ones that contradict the western industrialist invention of Science itself), so I'm not sure my personality is really classifiable. I like being outside anytime it's sunny, I like quiet music all the time. I sort of like talking about computer theoretical stuff and people are pretty interesting (why I'm studying cognition). I've done a good amount of thinking about human computer interaction so if you're into that feel free to ask me about it. I've made money mostly doing little programming gigs but I don't really like programming. I just like thinking about the potential of computers and the way people use them.

I'm told I can be really spacey and also be really normal: you never know when.

US Pirate Party website launches

Posted by sorbix on 2006.07.06 at 22:40
The US Pirate Party


We Blog Together

Posted by andyman03 on 2006.07.04 at 04:16
I figured this is the type of project that would appeal to the Cal Blather community.

I went and created a blog, We Blog Together, that anyone can post to. There is an e-mail address on the front page, and anything and everything sent to that e-mail address by anyone gets posted to the blog. The blog is here, and the e-mail address to post to the site is andydr.weblogtogether@blogger.comm [I used an extra m in the e-mail address to try to fool e-mail harvesters because I don't want any spam appearing on the site. Use only one m in .com]

I would love it if any of you would consider writing something for the site. A list of suggestions for posts are here, and more detailed instructions on how to post are here. You're welcome to watch the blog in the coming weeks to see what might develop. Thanks!

Posted by chaos_gaia on 2006.05.10 at 20:43
Hi everyone,

So I just got into Berkeley and UCLA. I am transfer student (JR.) and have until June 1 to decide where I want to go. I didn’t think that I could actually get into Berkeley so I have added stress in my life right now.

My gut is telling me to go to UCLA because it will be close to home (I live in South OC) and because my little brother is going to go there and I feel like I need to be close enough to look out for him (I know that’s crazy.. but he went through a pretty insane health scare and I feel somewhat obligated) - but on the other hand I keep hearing all this stuff about how prestigious Berkeley is… how important that is for grad school I just don’t know.

I come from a pretty strict Iranian family and I guess that I've lived somewhat of a sheltered life. Is Berkeley going to be an absolute culture shock for me?

If I go to Berkeley I plan on living off campus in my own apartment with 2 other friends from down here.

Both schools have offered me around $14,000 in grants and another $10,000 in loans.

But I am utterly confused.

Please please tell me the negatives and positives of both schools. I plan on double majoring in History (with an emphasis on middle eastern studies) and either International Studies/Global Studies or Economics. How hard is it to double major?

Thank you

Posted by wetzel on 2006.05.09 at 13:49
Current Music: The Flaming Lips - Fight Test - The Golden Age
so, like, why didn't I do this math homework two weeks ago?

cat, fish


Posted by skippyandebsy on 2006.02.06 at 22:01
Does anyone here take Prozac / fluoxetine?
if so, could you comment, or if you'd like to remain anonymous please e-mail me at raniertree@hotmail.com



Higher Conciousness?

Posted by elbativenisti on 2005.11.16 at 21:06
Two close friends of mine recently claim to have come to an understanding of what life is, of what's important in life. They came to their conclusion while tripping on mushrooms. I'm not sure if they found the meaning of life, but it has led to some contemplation. While I do not consider it my place to commend or criticize drug use, I would like to propose the following question:

Is it possible that, through the use of drugs (and, for the sake of the consistency, let's keep it to what are legally considered drugs, such as marijuana, psychedelics, MDMA, etc . . . ) one might be able to reach a greater understanding of him/herself or the world at large?

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